Please be advised - Russian Doll Matryoshka is not a toy. It is a collectable gift.

Age - 14 years old and over.

Please consider a choking hazard by very small parts of a doll.

Keep away from young children. 


We hope your Russian doll (‘matryoshka’ in Russian) will give you many years of enjoyment – and even become a treasured heirloom.

To preserve this beautiful, hand-crafted gift in the pristine condition it reaches you, we would like to share some essential advice on caring for your doll. 

 * Whether you choose to display your Russian doll as a single figure, or opened out in the traditional family ring as shown on the website, always keep each parts -head and base – together, never leave them open. The wood your doll is carved from is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and only by keeping the halves together will you maintain their unique fit. 

* To open your Russian doll, please avoid the natural temptation to ‘unscrew’ it by twisting the halves in opposite directions. There is no screw-like thread in the wood, and attempting to unscrew it can damage the paint on the edges of both halves. Instead, take the doll flat in your hands and make as though to bend it – as if you are snapping a twig. The halves should gently come apart.